Recruitment Process

At Skha, our candidate evaluation process is quantifiable and objective from start to finish. You will get through five stages, including: Math Test, Forum Group Discussion Test, Case Discussion, HRD interview, and Business Unit Head and Partner interview.

Step 1

Preliminary Assessment

You will work on our Math Test for 30 minutes in which you will be faced with ten questions. Each question will test your logical thinking and decision making in quick space.

Step 2

Forum Group Discussion

You will be grouped with other participants and form a team in which you and your team will play the role of a consulting team trying to work on and tackle a challenge given by our team of panelist. Your main objective is to provide us with your best recommendation and solution.

Step 3

Consultant Interview

You will get to meet our consultant in this phase. Get to know your goals and past experience , as we will certainly try to get to know you better and try to measure how do you will fit in Skha.

Step 4

Business Unit Head Interview

Test yourself in a case exercise by preparing a case presentation, which you will present in front of our director. From there, our director will analyze your understanding and grip of the case and match it with your analytical skill and problem solving capabilities.

Step 5

Partner Interview

In this last phase, our Partner will look to dig and try to know your commitment, motivation, what drives you, and how you can adapt in Skha’s environment.