Words From CEO

Indonesia is blessed as one of the most attractive and dynamic economy in the world. The country's economy is projected to become the 7th largest in the world by 2030.
For businesses, the opportunities presented are accompanied with various challenges: increasing competitive pressure, complex regulation in democratic setting, daunting supply chain management, underdeveloped infrastructure and challenging talent market to name just a few.
Since 2001, Skha has been trusted by top management and owners of national and multinational corporations in Indonesia to advise on these challenges by developing robust strategy, optimizing operation, execution, securing investment resources and ultimately delivering result to create value.
The trust we have gained from our clients and talents are the drivers behind the firm's strong growth in the past 5 years. We treasure it and strive to deliver the best. We are looking forward to cooperate in seizing your opportunity in Indonesia.

Herianto Pribadi



To become a national prominent strategic management consulting firm.



Providing Long lasting value to our clients

Contributing positively to national economy

Inspiring and developing excellence leader

Developing cutting edge, applicable knowledge and research


The two lines

The two curved lines intersecting with each other represent borders. Skha believes that top leaders do not think within borders, they play with the border/limitation and design new rules of the game.

The straight line

The straight line represents fairness, independence, and integrity. We strongly believe that Skha’s survival and long-term growth depends on our ability to adopt and practice the highest ethical and professional standards.

The letter S

The three lines combined form the letter S, the initial of Skha and the word ‘Strategy’.

The color: blue

We aspire to assist our clients in developing or maintaining their status as a blue chip company or a respectable institution. The color is toned towards heavier blue to assert our strong culture and values.