Arranged The Divestation of Ownership for One of Local Bank Shareholder


Due to strict banking regulation from Bank of Indonesia, Bank was recommended to retain its net profit. One of SKHA’s client has a large amount of stock ownership in banking industry as part of their investment portfolio and was expected to receive no dividend during the time. However, our client has a fair amount of liquidity needs each year to satisfy the shareholder, therefore a mismatch occurred between our client’s investment portfolio and liquidity needs.


We helps our client to divest its ownership and to invest in companies which could generate a stable cash flow. Our solutions include:

  • a. Finding the appropriate time to divest the ownership
  • b. Finding potential investor to buy at premium
  • c. Executing the transaction in most benefitting way


We deliver an amazing result by selling the ownership at 150% market price. The amount of divested fund is Rp 2,5 Trillion and the transaction is executed in less than 9 Month.